Perils & Phantasmagorias is out! (My first fantasy role-playing game!!!)

My first fantasy role-playing game has finally been published!! I can't believe it.

I didn't anticipate anything to anyone, i know, it's a total new thing that i am announcing now to all of you.

PERILS & PHANTASMAGORIAS, a new OSR fantasy role-playing game is among us. I finished writing it, and editing it. Here is the cover in all its glory.

Now you can get it for just 5 dollars. As you can see i put a Paypal button on the blog home page. Follow the link to purchase it and then write a comment here below or in the Paypal process to let me know the mail to which i am to send it.


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I don't think I ever advertised my G+ page.

For those interested, it's here:



The Convert

A fantasy adventure published in 1987.
As usual,I like uncommon stuff and I don't remember -as far as I know- of having read posts in other blogs about this module.
Those interested to have a glimpse of this item, contact me through e-mail.
As you can see, I inserted the mail where I can receive PM on the right corner of the web page.


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